Would You Rather Be Productive Or Creative? (via Broadside)

Remembering that what I set out to do this year was to slow down, breathe deep and deeper yet, I’m re-blogging this post by Caitlin Kelly as it hits a deep chord within me. At a time when I’ve been seriously contemplating my own art motivates and digging deeper into the heart of what matters, learning more about myself and new approaches to art, her post is refreshing and confirms my intent. Yes, keeping my eyes and heart wide open, I find creativity is alive and well when I am most reflective, meandering along a quieter path!

Read on … and, have a cup of chamomile on me … Blessings, Jim

Serious question. I’m not persuaded one can be both productive and creative all the time. We all need time to think, reflect, ponder, meander, take some detours, some of which — being immediately unproductive — lead into dead ends, some of which lead us off into totally new and hugely profitable (financially or … Read More

via Broadside

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